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Dear Parents:

This week we learned about the Jewish holiday Tu B’Shevat and we made our very own mitzvah tree. Each week, we will be adding new mitzvot to the tree. The Grade 1s learned the Hebrew letter Chet and the word Challah. The Grade 3s learned about the Shivat Haminim which are dates, figs, olives, pomegranate, grapevine, wheat, and barley.  We also had the pleasue of Rabbi Helfman joining us.  We prayed and learned about the Parsha for this week. It was about Passover and how the Jews living in Egypt and are slaves who work for Pharoah.

Next week, we have the pleasure of the Shinshinim joining us. We will continue with the JK,SK, and Grade 1s learn about the letter Tet and Hebrew word Tallit. Grade 3s will continue to learn about the Shivat Haminim.


Daniella Lebow


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