In Grade 1

Dear Parents:

This week we added to our mitzvah tree in hour on Tu B’Shevat.  We had the pleasure of having Ido join us in our class today. He played the broken telephone game with us and taught us the Hebrew words for planting a tree. The students all drew really nice trees that are now hanging outside our classroom.

Ido also played a matching game with the students and they all learned how long it takes objects like a t-shirt or a styrofoam cup to break down. It was awesome having him in our class! The students learned a new Hebrew word Kelev (dog) for the letter Kaf.

Next week, we will continue with learning the Aleph Bet. Our next letter is Lamed and our word is Lulav. We will also begin learning about Purim. If you could please bring Tzedakah we would really appreciate it.


Daniella Lebow

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