Hello Everyone:

It was another wonderful week at Holy Blossom. We began our morning with the Shinshinim telling us all about Israel and reading the story about Sammy Spiders visit to Israel.

Our activity today was all about Tu Bshvat, the birthday of the trees. We learned how trees in Canada aren’t blooming now but the trees in Israel are. Especially the almond tree, which is a mix of white, pink and purple. It’s beautiful! In fact, the Shinshinim came back into our classroom and showed us pictures of the Shkadiah (almond tree) from their homes in Israel.

Our craft showed a tree in Canada vs a tree in Israel this time of year. The children did a great job.

Next week, we will have a birthday party for the trees. There will be some snacks provided for your children.

Thanks so much! Have a great week!


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