In Grade 1

Dear Parents:  Welcome back!  We were so happy to see everyone back in school.  This week we learned the Hebrew letter Tet and the word Tallit, which is a prayer shall is worn during prayers. We talked about the Jewish holiday Tu B’Shevat which is the new year for the trees in Israel. Since we can’t plant our own trees, we made a Mitzvah tree that we will be adding Mitzvot to each week. This week we spoke about the Mitzvah of being kind to animals. Every week we will talk about a new Mitzvah.

Next week, we will learn the Hebrew letter Yud and the word Yeladim (children). We will continue to learn more about Tu B’Shevat and things we can do to help our environment.  If you could please bring Tzedakah each week I would really appreciate it.


 Daniella Lebow


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