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Sermon in Song – Shabbat Shira

Saturday, January 27, 2018 at 10:30 AM


Adon Olam  all you want to know, listen, and hear about this divine religious poem. It’s antiquated  history and unprecedented musical  settings.

Adon Olam Asher Malach    אדון עולם אשר מלך בטרם כל יציר נברא

Master of the universe who reigns
Before all ever existed

B’Yado Afkid Ruchi    בידו אפקיד רוחי

Into God’s hand I commit my spirit
When I sleep, and I awake up
And with my spirit, my body
Adonai , is with me, I will not fear.

In a profound article my esteem colleague Cantor Sara Sager describes the essence of the popularity of the sacred text.

“As with many ‘traditional’ texts and melodies, we do not necessarily know exactly where or when they originated. We do know that they are beloved by our people and, thereby, become part of the cultural repertoire of our faith.”

The magnificent poetry of Adon Olam is truly a hymn of praise to a God who is supreme, omnipotent, eternal, and infinite, the Creator of all, Sovereign of all, Guarantor, Protector, Comfort and Strength, “Who was, who is, who will be…without beginning, without end!”

For this presentation, I have chosen the finest among numerous examples in a variety of styles, covering the wide gamut of the musical expressions of this eternal religious poem.

Come and join us to learn and to appreciate the beauty and solemnity of our musical tradition.

Looking forward to see many of you worshiping with us that morning!

With warm Wishes for a healthy, peaceful 2018,


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