In Grade 7

“The More We Ask…”

On Monday January 29, Cantor Cheryl Wunch and Rabbi Bill Tepper teamed to guide their Grade 7 students in a special ‘Ask the Cantor/Ask the Rabbi’ learning session.   Following a brief but important follow-up pertaining to last week’s visit to Benjamin’s Funeral Chapel, along with further discussion relating to Jewish death, burial and mourning traditions, students put to Cantor Wunch and Rabbi Tepper an array of challenging questions the focus which were Jewish views of God, Belief, and ‘what happens after we die.’

During the second part of the evening, Rabbi Tepper guided Grade 7 students in an experience of ‘God Shopping;’ that is, using Drama, checklists and conversation as a means of exploring who/what God is, and what our expectations of God are.   As in the first part of the evening, we enhanced our appreciation for asking questions.  The more we ask, the more we understand.  And the more we understand, the better Jews and persons we all are.

Thank you to Rabbi Jordan Helfman for planning the excellent God-Shopping program.

Sh’vua tov and a good week to all!

Rabbi Bill S. Tepper

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