In Grade 6

From Cantor C:

This week, Cantor sees grade 6 class started learning about the great Rabbis Hillel and Shammai and their debates. We learned about why it was important for them to debate Jewish law, and how their students continued to discuss and argue about various issues in the Torah. We also began our own class debate based upon a famous Hillel and Shammai debate regarding the proper way to light a Chanukah  menorah.

From Rebekah:

Welcome back Students and Families! Today in Grade 6, we took a “trip to Israel” and analyzed elements of Ancient Israel that are still present today. We connected these artifacts to different places in our Jewish History timeline. From there, students worked to fill in gaps in our knowledge of everything we covered together in term one. Students used technology to research dates and times, and together we co-constructed a timeline of events to inform our learning in the future. See you next week!

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