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Supporting the Out of the Cold program through donating a Loblaws Gift Card Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where should we send the cards once we receive them?

 You can drop them off at Holy Blossom. There will be a collection box at security.

2) What if Out Of The Cold doesn’t buy their food at Loblaws?

 Out Of The Cold can still use the cards at No Frills or Joe Fresh for food medical supplies or clothing.

3) When should I expect my card?

Cards should be mailed to you about six weeks after registration. For more information about receiving your card, visit Loblaws

4) How many cards can I get per household?

All adults in your household can receive a card. See the Loblaws card site for more details at Loblaws

Help Hayden turn dough into donations by supporting the OOTC program at Holy Blossom

5) How much bread does it take to screw in a light bulb?

If you think bread can screw in a light bulb maybe you should check out Holy Blossoms adult education programs here

If you have any more questions about supporting Out of the Cold, please contact Rabbi Satz or Deanna Levy

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