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 Gift it forward for Out of The Cold

By now, you have probably heard of the $25 gift cards Loblaws is issuing to anyone that has bought their bread in the past 14 years. For my Bar Mitzvah project, I am working with Rabbi Satz to organize collecting these gift cards from our community and making sure they go to good use.

Many people have been planning on donating their individual  gift cards to charities and food banks. I think that $25 going to a charity or food bank would help, but not as much as if we all pooled our cards and donated it all to one food program.

Think about it, if 10 people donate, then there is $250 worth of free food, but if 1,500 families from the Holy Blossom community donate their gift cards then there is $37,500 that we could donate to our Out Of The Cold program. Registration for Loblaws gift cards is open until May 8, 2018.

I hope you will help me, the first step is to register for your gift card here.

If you have any questions about donating your Loblaws card, please click here.

Get your gift card today and be a hero for our Out of The Cold program! Once the gift cards have been given out, we will let you know where to send them.

Thank you for supporting my Bar Mitzvah project and Out of The Cold,

Hayden Taylor


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