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HBT New Canadians Seeking Employment Opportunities

As we await the arrival of our next refugee families, we continue to support and celebrate the families who arrived in the fall of 2016 and are adapting well to Canadian living. The most important service we can provide now is assistance in securing employment (full or part-time), which provides not only financial stability but also re-establishes a sense of pride and purpose. The most urgent need is to assist:

  • Fatima, who is seeking opportunities in either child care or catering/restaurant. She has reasonably strong English skills (approximate ESL level 5) and is patient and committed.
  • Ibrahim, who is a craftsman with significant experience in home painting, including fine detail work.  He is a careful worker who pays attention to detail and doing things right. His English skills are not that strong, but he takes direction well and is eager to improve his language skills while providing exceptional painting work for his clients.
  • Batoul, who has been home helping her three young boys adjust to Canadian life and is now ready for part-time work while her children are in school. Ideally, she would work in customer service. Working outside of the home is important to her as she works on her own transition to life as a Canadian woman. Her English skills are good (nearing ESL level 6), and she is also comfortable using computers.
  • Zuhair, who has had diverse life and work experience. Trained as a lawyer with experience as a civil servant, Zuhair is working on improving his English to resume his professional career (nearing ESL level 6). He is seeking immediate opportunities as a general labourer with specific interest in warehousing/fork lift and/or masonry jobs. He has been recognized for his strong customer orientation and ability to adapt to changing circumstances and needs. He brings the following to his next Canadian employer:
      • Canadian general labourer and landscaper experience with strong references
      • Formal training and certifications related to maintenance and construction skill and safety requirements
      • Formal education in law with work experience in public, private and entrepreneurial sectors

If you have any opportunities or know of others who may, please contact Jacqueline Friedland at [email protected] or 416-820-4741. Detailed resumes can be provided for all four individuals. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

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