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This week we had the pleasure of the Shinshinim join us in class. They shared a fun game about traditions, that in Israel on Yom Kippur,  many people travel by bicycle. We also learned that they do the Hora on Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s Birthday.

We played two truths and a lie and learned about the traditions we have in our families. It’s always such a pleasure to have the Shinshinim join us.

The Grade 1s learned the Hebrew letter Tet and the word Tallit, a prayer shawl. The Grade 3s continue to learn about Shivat Haminim. They wrote down what each symbolized for them.

Next week we will learn about Tu B’Shevat and the environment. The Grade 1s will learn the Hebrew letter Yud and the word Yeladim (children) and the Grade 3s will continue to learn about mitzvot and the life cycles.


Daniella Lebow

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