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Dear Parents,

This week we focused on Chanukah. We had the pleasure of Rabbi Helfman joining us to talk  about the Parsha of the week, which was about Jacob’s favourite son Joseph and his technicolor dream coat.

We also learned about the Chaunkah story and how the Maccabees and Greek’s fought with each other as the Greek’s wanted the Jews to assimilate. In the end the Macabees defeated the Greeks and the miracle was that the light lasted for eight days. The JK, SK, and Grade 1s learned the Hebrew letter Zayin and the word Zebra. They did an amazing job filling in the Zayin with stripes like a Zebra. The Grade 3s learned about assimilation and how the Greeks wanted the Jews to join in their customs. We discussed how we can show our Jewish identity and what that looks like and the Grade 3s had some amazing answers!

Next week our focus will continue to be on Chaunkah and Rabbi Helfman will be joining us again. We will be learning the blessings over the Chanukah candles and how to light the candles. Since it is Chaunkah we also will be making some Chanukah treats that they can take home.


Daniella Lebow


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