Hello Families:

We had so much fun learning the entire story of Chanukah today! We learned all about the Greeks who wanted the Jews to be like them. We talked about the Jews hiding in the caves and the maccabee army forming and winning. We learned all about cleaning up the temple and the miracle of the oil lasting for 8 days. We also talked about the dreidel and how they were used to fool the Greek army. We learned the four Hebrew letters on the dreidel. We decorated our own dreidels, while singing Chanukah songs.

Ask your son or daughter why we eat jelly doughnuts and latkas on Chanukah. Hint: something to do with the item that lasted for 8 days…

Looking forward to seeing you at our  pre-Chanukah parent program on December 10th, at 9:30am.

Have a great week!


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