In Grade 1

This week we had the pleasure of having the Shinshinim come to our class. They played a lot of fun games with us and told us about their traditions in Israel. One of them that they discussed was dancing the hora on Yom Ha’atzmaut and another one was riding bicycles on Yom Kippur. It was a lot of fun having them in our class this week. Since Chanukah is next week we began learning about the story of Chanukah and how Judah led the Maccabees and how they defeated the Greeks. Our new Hebrew letter this week was Chet and our new word was Challah. We spoke about the blessing we say over Challah, hamotzi lechem min Ha’aretz.

Next week, we will continue to learn about mitzvot and kindness to others. We will also learn the new Hebrew word Tallit and the letter Tet. In addition, we will continue learning about Chanukah and the blessing we say over the candles and how to light the menorah.

If you could please being Tzedakah each week I would really appreciate it.


Daniella Lebow

Grade 1 Teacher

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