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Dear Parents,

This week we focused on learning more about Chanukah. Corey read a great Chanukah story to the class. The students learned about all the different kinds of menorahs. They also learned that if you have a lot of menorahs giving one to a friend or a family member is a mitzvah. The students learned how to light the Chanukah candles. You should ask them to show you how we put the candles in the menorah and how we light them. As well the learned the blessings for the candles. Hopefully they remember them when it come time to welcome Chanukah at home.

Next week is our last week of Sunday school before break. All the classes have prepared a song or skit to present in front of the whole school. We are looking forward to having a great time! Happy Chanukah!


Daniella Lebow

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