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Our Shinshinim have been an integral part of our community for the past 11 years. We have developed strong relationships with each one of them personally, and in turn, have created a strong bond with Israel because, and through, those relationships.

We are proud of these young people who each served a “year of service,” a “Sh’nat Sherut” to us and for their country.

Over the past 11 years, each one of these delightful young people have served their country in “tzahal,” the Israeli army and many are now engaged in their careers, following their passion.

Here is a quick taste of a few of our talented young Israeli friends:


Taly Epstein: Shinshinit in 2013-2014

Right now I’m a first year student for industrial engineering and management  in Technion University in Haifa (yes, it’s right next to my house). Things are pretty busy as well, e

specially because I haven’t been in school for so long. For now I’m pretty happy with my choice, I love the idea that you learn science and business at the same time and the people in my class are very nice . It’s such a small world that today I found out that one girl from my class it Ziv Fox’ s sister that was also a Shinshinit in Toronto. What are the odds!

I miss Toronto very much, even though I got the chance to visit after my shinshin year, this place really affected me .Maybe when I will be more into my 3rd year I could do a semester abroad.. looking forward to it.

Taly ❤


Gefen Chazen: Shinshinit 2012-2013

Gefen spent last year working in the Washington DC area, doing similar work as an Israeli Shaliach in that community.

So after coming back from Washington DC I just started school. I finally got to move to the best city -Jerusalem. This university and city are amazing and I am loving it.

I am studying BA in international relations and Asian studies with focusing on china and learning Chinese which is the hardest thing i ever encountered but really interesting and relevant. I just applied for an internship program with Stan with Us! I am also a part of a program called Nefesh Yehudi where we learn about Judaism with Haredi teachers and advocacy of Israel and I learn so much!

Besides school my older brother is getting married in May and we are all super excited! I am also waiting for the Borins family to come in the summer for Isabelle’s Bat Mitzvah 🙂

For me it was a great opportunity to revisit Holy Blossom and Leo Baeck after a few years to really understand the impact and to feel at home! That was the year that shaped my life and gave me all the skills to achieve my goals in life!


Maya Zrachya: Shinshinit – 2010-2011

This past year has been really exciting for me, I graduated from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and started working for the JAFI Shinshinim team as an educational coordinator. Since I returned from my year as a Shinshinit at Holy Blossom, I was constantly drawn back to the world of Jewish Education and the connection between Jews around the world. Today I feel grateful for the opportunity I received at the age of 18, getting to know a new community, being a part of this big Jewish network, and discovering my own Jewish Identity. Most of all, I am thrilled to pass this experience on to new generations of Shinshinim going around the world, and opening a door to creating a stronger Jewish people – in Israel and everywhere else.

Lots of love from Jerusalem,


If any of you would like to host future Shinshinim, please contact Debbie Spiegel, [email protected].


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