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אבן מאסו הבונים הייתה לראש פינה

Even Hapinah

The cornerstone for our renewal of SPACE AND SPIRIT will be celebrated with pomp and ceremony on the first night of Chanukah.

We hope you will join us on Tuesday, December 12th 2017 at 7 pm!

This will mark the beginning of the final stages in our renewal project of Phase 1.  Special music and official greeting words will enhance the occasion, while the unveiling of the stone itself will be the highlight and the pivot point moving forward.

I was honored to be asked by Rabbi Splansky to write a suitable composition for this auspicious occasion. I chose some phrases for HALLEL, the psalms of Praise which we sing so joyfully and pray during the THREE FESTIVALS. The short rendition you may hear is only the beginning of our choir rehearsal as we are just learning the composition.

Its full exposition and premier performance (details to come) we will save for the BIG “GRAND OPENING.” It was my gift to our congregation and especially to Rabbi Splansky that I used some of the musical motifs from the melodic sequence I wrote for Rabbi Splansky’s installation ceremony a few years ago.

Our musical heritage committee has generously donated this evening in honor of our cornerstone celebration. A joyous Chanukah (KlezKonnection) Kleamer sixteen piece band will delight our own members and our neighbours. Yiddish, Hebrew and Latino progressive Jazz will make the evening unique and special.

The concert is a fee and open to the wider community audience

Come celebrate with us and this unique milestone.



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