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Kiley Lillard, Daughter of John and Marcy Lillard returned to the YEC in October.

Kiley joined school a bit late as her parents had moved to Guelph over the summer and could not find the right fit for Kiley for her Jewish education. Kiley convinced her parents to return to Holy Blossom because this is really the only place for her!

Please read her story – written by Kiley herself! Thanks Kiley!

By Kiley Lillard

My name is Kiley and I am in gr. 4.

I went to Holy Blossom Sunday School last year for the first time. I moved to Guelph in August of 2017, but I still wanted to come to Holy Blossom Sunday School. Here is why.

First, all of my friends from last year are there including Molly.

Second, I like the teachers because I like the way they treat their students kindly and with understanding. I also like singing songs/prayers at T’filah.

Third I love the shinshinim and learning about Israel.

Fourth, I like all of my Jewish friends and the community.

Fifth, my cousin Hailey Resnick in gr. 2 and my sister Alisha Lillard in gr. 1 go there too and I like seeing them.

Let’s wrap this up with a little rap. Here is how it goes:

Yo. I love Holy Blossom, it is so awesome, and I’m glad to be back at Holy Blossom. Oh yeah.

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