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This week we learned the Parsha and how Jacob and Esau reunited and became cordial with each other. The JK, SK, and Grade 1s learned the new Hebrew letter Vav and the new word was Vered (rose). They made roses and they were all gorgeous! The Grade 3s began their Life Cycle booklet this week and reviewed Brit Mila and Bat Mitzvah. Then we learned about Chanukah and reviewed the things that we already know about Chanukah. We also spoke about some the things that we wondered about, which included the Maccabees and who they were and who they fought. It was a great way to introduce the discussion about Chanukah, which we’ll be having in the next couple of weeks.

Next week, we will continue to learn the Aleph-Bet and we will begin learning about the Chanukah story. This will remain our theme for the next couple of weeks up until winter break. The Grades 3s will continue to learn about mitzvot and the importance of it in Judaism.


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