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Dear Parents,

This week we learned the story about Abraham and Sarah and how they had children in their old age. The JK, SK, and Grade 1s learned a new Hebrew letter, Bet and the Hebrew word we learned this week was Bayit (house). They made a picture of a house; can you tell what’s inside the picture? They also used plasticine to make the letter Bet.  The Grades 3s learned about the life cycle and began at the Brit Mila which is a procedure done to a boy that is eight days old. During the time for a boy or girl (Brit Bat) they receive a Hebrew name. The Grade 3s made a nice Hebrew nameplate as our Hebrew names are our Jewish identity. They continue to learn new Hebrew words each week.

Next week, we will continue to learn the Alef-Bet, the next letter will be Gimmel and our word is Glidah (ice cream). We will also continue to learn about the life cycle and speak about Bar/Bat Mitvah and what the significance is of this milestone in life.

Grade 1 parents should have received an Alef-Bet sheet, if you could follow along or get your child to circle the letter we do each week that would be greatly appreciated.

Grade 3 parents –  since we are learning about the life cycle I would like to make a timeline booklet and if you have any pictures of them from when they were babies and can bring them in that would be nice.

See you next week!


Daniella Lebow


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