In Grade 3

We had a jam-packed day in Grade 3 today! After reviewing our Hebrew Word of the Day (Bayit… house), the Grade 3 students picked up their Grade 2 buddies and went to services. The students did such an amazing job helping their younger buddies follow along in their siddurs!

After services we had a visit from Noa and Ido, our HBT Shinshinim. Noa and Ido led the students through a trip through Israel, complete with site-relevant games and activities.

Afterward, we talked about Kosher laws, and played a Kosher-themed game of Jeopardy! Finally, the students continued their work reading and transliterating Hebrew, and took turns reading one-on-one with the teacher.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone with their grandparents (or other family members) next week for our inter-generational day of learning!

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