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Dear Parents,

This week we spoke about mitzvot and how important they are to do. I told them about the mitzvah that we must respect our elders. We spoke about what that means and, as our grandparents age, we need to help them and celebrate them.

This topic will be spoken about in more detail next week, during our Intergenerational Day.   Our new Hebrew letter this week is Hei and our word is Havdalah, which is a ceremony we do after Shabbat on Saturday night saying goodbye to Shabbat as we welcome in the new week. We say Shavua Tov to everyone after the ceremony, which means have a good week. We even smelled some spices (B’samim) which is part of the Havdalah ceremony and we said the blessing for it as well. The students coloured in the Havdalah candle blue and white in our booklets.

Next week we are having a very special program – an Intergenerational Day inviting grandparents, great-aunt, and great-uncles to join us at Holy Blossom for 9:30am. I am looking forward to seeing everyone next week. We have so many fun activities planned for the student and it’s really going to a day that you won’t forget. Come and have some fun with us for the day!


Daniella Lebow

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