Hello Families!

We had a very busy and wonderful Sunday.   We began our day with Tzedakah and I am happy to say that the children are great at sharing their Tzedakah with children who didn’t bring any coins. It’s such a nice mitzvah! Our Tzedakah box is getting so heavy and full.

The Shinshinim visited us after that and read us a Hebrew book about balloons that kept popping. The balloons were all different colours, and we learned the colours in Hebrew. We were each given a coloured popsicle stick. When our colour was called so we could hold it up.

During Tefilah, we sang our special song for all the students. We can’t wait to sing for you on Friday night at our Family First Friday Shabbat dinner.  We’d love to see you – please click here to register.

Back in class, we learned the story of Isaac about to be given to God, but at the last second he was allowed to stay with his father. We then learned all about Jacob and Esav and that Esav traded the special blessings for red lentil soup. However, Esav didn’t tell his father about the change so Jacob dressed up like Esav and took it anyways. Then Jacob ran away because Esav was so angry. Talk about family drama!

For the craft, we continued to use finger paint to express the emotions Isaac and Jacob felt.

See everyone on Friday night!



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