In Grade 4

What a day! Our intergeneration program was a wonderful and important learning experience for the students, grandparents, parents and for me as a teacher.

The emphasis of today was about where we came from, what we love about our grandparents, and what grandparents love about their grandchildren.  How we honor our older generation as well how we ensure that the newer generations honor Jewish traditions and history.

We started our day with a conversation about the origin of our Hebrew names and the reason why we give Hebrew names after family members.  It was endearing how the grandparents shared how they want to be remembered by their grandchildren and what the children wanted to tell their grandparents about themselves.

It was a beautiful experience!  Lot of hugs and smiles and lessons to be continued.

Sharing this special day, made a fantastic impression on the importance of grandparents and their children. I hope the kids also recognize how important is to show how much they appreciate their grandparents and the need to continue the conversation we just started.

Thank you to all our grade 4 guests; your stories also taught me to appreciate your contribution to our Jewish values that we care so much about.

 LE DOR VA DOR Thank you!



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