In Grade 1

Dear Parents,

This week we had the pleasure of having our grandparents join us for a fun day of activities at Holy Blossom. We read a book about l’Dor V’dor that means generation-to-generation. The story was about a girl who had a neighbor that planted kale, and took very good of her garden. One day the girl noticed that her neighbor was moving and that made her sad. The girl had an idea and she planted a tree because trees last forever and then the next person who lives there will also be able to use that tree. It was a really nice book about how are all connected generation to generation.

Next week, we will continue our learning of the Alef-Bet and the next letter that we will learn will be Vered, which means rose. I want to thank the grandparents who came this week, having you in our classroom was lovely!Please remember to bring Tzedakah to class, it really helps the students understand generosity.


Daniella Lebow


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