In Grade 6

 From Rebekah:

Today in Grade 6 we continued learning about life after the Jewish people arrived at the land of Israel. We engaged in a deep discussion about monotheism (amongst the Jewish people) and their interaction with polytheism (amongst the Canaanites). We discussed similarities between this historical interaction, and our interaction as Jewish people in a largely secular-Christian society. Looking forward to seeing everyone next week for more rich discussion and learning!


From Cantor C.:

Cantor C’s Grade six class learned about the creation of Solomon’s Temple. We looked at pictures of models of The Temple and discussed the kinds of rituals performed there. Then we spoke about ideal prayer spaces and begun to envision our own perfect prayer space.

From Tali:

Shalom Everyone:

Today we read and chanted the first blessings of the Torah. We learned that the Torah has five books that are divided to 54 portions. We start reading on Simchat Torah and, that is also when we finish reading it every year. We noticed how many words are built on the root bless- praise and learned that we were chosen to get the Torah in order to spread it among all other nations.

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