In Grade 7

Peeling Back Layers

During yesterday’s [Monday November 20] Grade 7 class at Holy Blossom, students continued their experience in Talmud Torah – ongoing Jewish learning – and in particular, the study of Torah texts. We looked closely at verses from Parshat Vayetze, within which our ancestor Jacob [later to be named ‘Israel’] is engaged in his pivotal first encounter with God.  In the course of our activity, students endeavoured to ‘peel back the layers;’ that is, understand the meaning[s] of the narrative, while aiming to appreciate Jacob’s spiritual, emotional and intellectual revelation.

In the second half of our evening, we gathered with Rabbi Jordan Helfman and Education Director Debbie Spiegel to ‘debrief’ on our field trip last week to Shaarei Shomayim, as well as ascertain what makes Holy Blossom – and the Reform Movement of which our Temple is such a devoted member – so special.

Sh’vua tov / a good week to all!


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