In Grade 7

The Same, Only Different

I frequently point out to students and congregants that our array of Jewish persuasions – Orthodox, Conservative, Reconstructionist and Reform – possess more commonalities than differences: same Torah, Jewish calendar, traditions, rituals and stories.   Same Jewish homeland of Israel.  And same two ancestors,  Abraham and Sarah.

However, it’s the manner through which we live, celebrate and interpret our Judaism that distinguishes us, and last night’s [Monday November 13] Grade Seven field trip to Shaarei Shomayim congregation served to illuminate for all of us present how Modern Orthodox and Reform Judaism are at once very different, yet at the same time closely related.

The experience was a positive one, our students gained a good deal from this excursion, and we of Holy Blossom are thankful to Rabbi Jesse Shore for his warm welcome and the thoughtful manner with which he spoke and listened to us.

Sidebar:  the field trip was extra-special for me [Rabbi Bill S. Tepper] personally, as I became a Bar Mitzvah in Shaarei Shomayim’s sanctuary years ago.  And that – like last night – was also a memorable event!

Sh’vua tov to all!

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