In Grade 5

Shalom everyone

On Sunday we reviewed again the three prophets that we were working on and created some “want”ads – we are looking for good prophets.

During Tefilla with David, our buddy system seems to be working out very well – we as the older students are sitting with the younger ones and we pray together.

The Shinshinim came to our class today –   sharing an amazing lesson in geography. The icy Mt. Hermon to the sandy and dry desert.

In Hebrew we talked about the fact that we were created in God’s image and therefore we can act in Godly ways. It was a very interesting conversation. Please ask your student what they learned from the discussion. We also looked at root words as we learned the word for life – Chayim .

Hebrew reading is a constant – we ask that you assist in finding some time at home during the week. It is great to see that there is improvement. We are working on reading individually in class too. It helps to hear one’s own mistakes.



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