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Dear Parents,

This week we learned about Sukkot and played many fun games and did a lot of fun crafts. We started off with a pair-off game where each student had symbols associated with Sukkot on their back (eg. Sukkah, Lulav etc) while the other students had the symbols written out on their back and the two pairs had to find each other. Then we made Sukkah decorations; the JK/SK did an amazing job making rings where they drew such pretty pictures and wrote their names. The grade 1s made wind chimes with beads that turned out to look gorgeous! The grade 3s helped the JK/SK to make the chains and did an amazing job. Then we played another game where students had to sway back and forth when they heard the word ‘Lulav’ and when they heard the word ‘Sukkah’ they had to find a partner and join hands and last but not least when they heard the word ‘Etrog’ they had to hop on one foot.

I just wanted to remind you that we do not have class for the next two weeks. Classes will resume on Wednesday, October 18, 2017. We have the honor of having our Shinshinim join us that week with some fun activities. It will be such a fun class looking forward to seeing everyone then.

Have a great Sukkot!



Daniella Lebow



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