In Grade 4

Learning about Israel is exciting.

On Sunday, Noa our Shimshin, did an amazing program teaching Israel’s geography through games! We learned about different areas in Israel – the mountains, the desert and all in between!

The students brought home the invitation for our intergenerational program on November 12th . We hope that your child will join us on that Sunday with a grandparent, a great-uncle or great-aunt, or possibly an older family friend.

A paper copy of your child’s class list was also sent home. We encourage you to plan play dates with classmates and hopefully this will be a help. We are all about building relationships with each other and hopefully this will assist in facilitating the process.

In Hebrew we continue practicing our Hebrew reading. Any assistance that we can get from you to ensure that your child reads at home is very important. This is an important partnership that we have together.

Don’t forget this Sunday morning –  change your clocks; clocks go back one hour.


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