In Grade 1

Dear Parents,

Each week we discuss mitzvot that we have done during our week and review our Hebrew names. This week we spoke about a very important mitzvah Kavod (respect) for our parents. I hope that the students learned that they should be appreciative and grateful for all our parents do for us and show their appreciation.

We continued with learning the Alef-Bet and learned a new Hebrew letter, Dalet and a new Hebrew word Degel (flag). The students all made very nice Israeli flags. We also learned the story of Jacob and Esau and had a fun play that the students acted out. In the story of Jacob and Esau we learn that Jacob took Esau’s birthright because Esau gave it away. The moral of this story is to be careful with the choices we make.

Next week, we will continue to learn the Alef-Bet the next letter is Hei and our Hebrew word is Havdalah. We will also continue to learn stories and Midrashim. If you could please bring Tzedakah I would really appreciate it.


Daniella Lebow

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