In Grade 5

Shalom everyone!

We have mastered the Avot and Imahot prayer and have started to learn the second prayer of the Amidah –the Ge’voorot, a prayer that talks about God’s powers. I sent copies of the prayer home for the students to practice. We started to talk about God’s powers that are talked about in the liturgy; the healing of the sick, freeing the captive, sustaining life and more. Next week we will continue.

Talking about our prophets, we introduce our first three prophets. We read about them in three groups and then  interviewed each other to see what each one liked or disliked in his role. How did each one became a prophet? What made them a good prophet? We’ve learned together more about these three prophets than we would have individually we studied Samuel Ezekiel and Hosea. Next week we will make some summaries about our prophets and also create ads: “Looking for Prophets.



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