In Grade 4

Dear Parents:

Now that the holidays are over – it is time to get to our main topic of conversation in our curriculum – Israel! I asked the students, “If I were to ask you about Israel – how and what do you imagine Israel is like?” We all listened as to the responses as to their impression of Israel.

After our weekly service we saw a short movie called, “Small Country but Big as the World”. After the movie we discussed and compared what they saw with what they said how Israel looks like before watching the movie.

It was very interesting to hear how surprised the students were with the modernity and technology shown in the movie.

In the coming weeks, each student will research one aspect of Israeli society to learn more about this  “small country but big as the world”.

In our Hebrew portion- we continued to practice our reading for fluency. Please take a moment or two and practice reading at home. This is an important part of our partnership.

Your feedback is always welcome.


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