Hello Everyone!

We had another lovely day of school. Thank you to everyone who remembered to bring the “transportation tzedakah box” with a few coins. Please don’t send your child with more then 5 coins, as we take a long time to put them in our class tzedakah box.

The children were so excited to use their boxes and showed everyone the designs. The pride they had in their work was adorable. We introduced Shabbat today. We set a beautiful Shabbat table, complete with a fancy table cloth, flowers, candles, kiddish (grape juice), and challah. We practiced the blessings and sang songs.

We read the book “Time for Shabbat” by Idie Benjamin and Dale Sides Cooperman. We also introduced כלב שבת aka Kelev Shabbat – our class Shabbat dog. Each week someone will get a turn to take home Kelev Shabbat. He comes complete with a plush Shabbat set! When it’s your turn please make sure to neatly return each toy. Kelev Shabbat also comes with a notebook. Please record a bit about what your child did with Kelev Shabbat. You can put in a printed photo, draw a picture, write a bit about your time with him or all three! Whatever you would like. Please make sure it includes your child’s name and the date. Everyone will have a turn to take him home. Thank you so much, your children are wonderful!



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