In Grade 1

This week we had the pleasure of our shinshinim Noa and Ido join us in class. It was really a great time getting to know them and learning about what they are interested in. We played many games with them and one of them was about the sea (Yam) and the other was about the dry land (Yabbashah). The students either had to jump off of the carpet or onto the carpet when they heard Yam or Yabbashah. They had a blast playing this game with the Shinishinim and learned a lot!

We learned a new Hebrew letter this week, Gimmel and the Hebrew word we learned is Glidah (ice cream). The students filled the Hebrew letter Gimmel with tissue paper and they did a great job doing it!

Next week, we will continue to learn the aleph-bet and our next Hebrew letter will be Daled and our Hebrew word will be Degel (flag). We will do a fun activity for that Hebrew letter as well. In addition, we will learn the story of Jacob and Easu and have a mini play in class to act out the story.


Daniella Lebow


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