In Grade 4

Dear Parents:

It is great to be back from all the Holidays as we are able to start the main part of our Curriculum of this yearIsrael.

We learned how the name AM Yisrael or Children of Israel came to be. A great discussion for you to have with your child, “What is the relationship between the name of Israel, the country and the name that we are called in the Torah – the Children of Israel? Why/How are they connected?

In Hebrew we were lucky to have great madrichim (student teacher) helpers and we worked in small groups to practice the Hebrew reading.

Each student received one line to read at home. It is very important to ensure that your child reads at home at few times during the week to be able to move forward and read with fluency.

If your child did not come to school, read from any one of the pages sent home previously. Your feedback is always welcome

Have a great week!




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