Hello Families!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful sukkot. The children were happy to be back, and excited to give tzedakah (charity) and do a mitzvah (good deed). Today we made “transportation” tzedakah boxes. We will use these boxes to remind us to bring tzedakah to Holy Blossom. Please put a coin in the box each week and the children will put it in our class tzedakah box. Thank you SO much for being so understanding about taking home a not-yet-dry box. I will do my absolute best to ensure the rest of the crafts sent home this year are dry. During prayer time we sang about Noah and his ark, and watched a play about Noah and Mrs. Noah and their journey. Attached are the photos 🙂

We also learned a little bit about Shabbat this week. We sang the dinosaur Shabbat song, ask your child to sing it for you. We also read the Shabbat book “Dinosaur on Shabbat” by Diane Levin Rauchwerger. The children loved it!!

Have a wonderful week!

Sincerely, Melody


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