In Grade 2

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

In today’s class, we learned about Sukkot. We discussed the meaning and significance of what the word Sukkah, which literally means hut and its importance to the Jewish calendar. We learned about the various rules that we, Jews, traditionally perform during this holiday (ie., must have at least 3 walls, must be able to see through the S’chach, making decorations, and learning and eating with family and friends in the sukkah). We also examined the “Arba Minim” and their associated rituals and blessings. Lastly, the children had the opportunity to make their own festive decorations, mobile wind chimes, and hang them up in Holy Blossom Temple’s Sukkah.

Reminder – We do not hold class over Thanksgiving weekend. We look forward to see everyone back at the YEC on Sunday, October 15th!

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