In Grade 6

From Cantor C.:

This week our grade 6 class started learning about what life was like for the Israelites once they ended their wandering in the wilderness and started building their society in Canaan. We are looking at the events that led up to the building of the first Temple. We also had tefillah, including a presentation by our Shinshinim remembering Yitzchak Rabin on his 22nd Yahrtzeit.


From Tali:

Shalom everyone,

In Hebrew class we concluded the study of the Shabbat Kiddush and started learning the Torah blessings. We’ve learned that there are blessings that are said before the Torah is read and a second set of blessings after the Torah is read. The honour of being called up to recite these blessings is called – Aliya – which means going up.

We started chanting it as our preparations for our Bar – Bat  Mitzvah begins.




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