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Dear Grade 7 Parents:

On Monday October 2, Rabbi Bill S. Tepper’s Grade 7 Class at Holy Blossom explored a good deal of important subject matter.  By way of stories and conversation we learned about the value of ‘Shalom Bayit,’ Hebrew for ‘peace in the house’ but more appropriately ‘sustaining peace between family members, friends and within a community.’   We enhanced our understanding of and appreciation for making compromises, maintaining flexibility and knowing when to admit we are wrong – all so that our relationships with on another will be positive and productive.

In the second part of the October 2 class – and in anticipation of our field trip to a mosque on October 16 – the Grade 7 group undertook to learn about Islam: its relationship to Judaism and Christianity, prayers [‘salat‘], values [‘zaka,’ meaning charity/philanthropy], holy sites [Mecca in Saudi Arabia, the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem], the Fast of the Month of Ramadan, and its sacred text, the Quran.  Rabbi Tepper brought his copy of the Quran to show the class, as well as a book of coloured photographs of different mosques throughout the world.

I wish everyone a good rest of the week, and enjoyable Thanksgiving Weekend. I look forward to learning again with everyone on Monday October 16.


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