In Grade 6

From Rebekah:

This week in Grade 6 we continued our discussion about the Jewish people’s 40 years of wandering through the desert. Students worked in groups to organize some of the theories on this 40 year period that we have been reading for the last few weeks. After identifying a variety of categories of thought, students worked individually to develop their own opinion piece on the 40 years of wandering. Looking forward to our Kensington Market trip on Monday, October 16th!

From Tali:

Shalom everyone

In Hebrew class we continued  talking  about the Kiddush, one of the blessings we say to welcome and sanctify Shabbat as well as on many holidays. It will be so exciting to be able to chant it on Shabbat before the Bar\Bat Mitzvah.

We mastered the first four lines, and together read and chanted  them a few times. While the kids did some work in their booklets, I worked with a few students individually.  We now know that there are two important things to remember in the Kiddush – how God chose us and how he took us out from Egypt. As I mentioned last week the kids all have a copy of the blessing, that copy is to stay home for them to practice. Please remind them.

Since Sukkot is starting this week, we talked about some of the Mitzvot of the holiday and about the four kinds. We also mentioned the last day being “Simchat Torah”, when we finish reading the last book of Torah and starting it again.

Have a great week and a great holiday.



From Cantor C.

This week Cantor C’s Grade 6 Class learned about the 40year journey from Egypt to the Promised Land. Did you know that the journey could have taken the Israelites only 11 years if they had taken the direct route? We talked about why it took them so long and the lessons that they learned along the way

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