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By Rabbi Jordan Helfman.

Many in our community silently struggle with loneliness.

This is true across the congregation, from the 20s and 30s community, to parents of young children isolated by work and time pressures, to the baby boomer generation and beyond.

We all think that others are meeting up and having more fun, and often we are afraid that we can’t break into a new group – or even know where to start.

For our adult community with evening availability, Brotherhood and Sisterhood are amazing groups which bring community to life.

By just calling our reception desk or e-mailing Elana Fehler, our tireless receptionist ([email protected]) we can connect you with these groups.

For those who are able to spend a few hours during the week together, please come on Monday mornings for the Mondays at the Temple group. It is a welcoming, and friendly community to newcomers.

The current Chair, Sue Joel, writes:

Every Monday from 10:00 am to about 1:30 we meet to schmooze, then to hear a guest speaker, then exercise, then lunch – all for the cost of $3 for Temple members and $5 for non-members.

Schmooze at 10:00, then exercise at 10:30, then the speakers program at 11:30, then lunch at 12:30, then games at 1:15 to 3:00.

Most people come for everything, but there are lots of options

–  Come for the schmooze, the exercise, the program, the lunch, and skip the games;
–  Come for the program, the lunch, the games, and skip the schmooze and the exercise;
–  Come for the program and the lunch and ….. well you get the idea.

And if none of these appeals to you, you can always just come for the schmooze. And now in response to many requests we are changing some things around and adding games after lunch. Mah jong, bridge, canasta, scrabble are all going to be here, and maybe you should be here too. Don’t know how to play maj or canasta ? We’ll teach you. Starting October 16th we will be teaching Maj and canasta for four weeks. And if you sign up for all four weeks, we’ll throw in a free lunch.

All are welcome.

Groups like Mondays at the Temple are Holy Blossom Temple. Please consider coming, seeing friends both new and old, and reconnecting with our community in a new way.

(If you are looking for 20s and 30s connections or parent connections, e-mail me, and I will connect you into those communities: [email protected])

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