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The past two weeks have brought major changes to our construction site, some visible and some more subtle.  The most noticeable change is the progress of the steel framing that continues to rise, like a Meccano set, through the area that will soon become our Central Atrium.  When this work (which has been delayed due to ongoing production issues with our contractor’s structural steel sub-trade) is finally completed during the next couple of weeks, the frame will form the backbone for the skylight of what Rabbi Splansky calls the “living room” of our new campus, bringing sunlight and warmth to all who visit.

Late last week we also took delivery of brand new equipment for our modern (and far more efficient) mechanical plant. A huge crane also arrived – joined, of course, by appropriate safety personnel – and the street was closed off for a few hours as this mighty machine effortlessly hoisted each piece into place atop the Dewbourne side of the building.

Shortly, we’ll be closing this space in and work will begin to connect the heating and cooling apparatus that will provide climate control for our entire campus.

Please click here to see the latest photos of our Atrium-in-progress and the rest of Phase 1 construction. As you know, Phase 1 includes our transformative Central Atrium, brand new Family Chapel, Café, Youth Lounge, Judaica Shop, Library, and more … all in a LEED Silver Certified, environmentally-friendly building.  (And click here to watch the livestream from our two on-site video cameras.)

As always, we thank you for your continued readership, viewership and support (financial and otherwise) of our Renewal Project.

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