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Dear Parents,

This week we began learning the Alef-bet with the JK,SK, and Grade 1s. The first letter that we learned is Alef and learned that it is silent. We also learned the Hebrew words Emma (Mom) and Abba (Dad). The Grade 1s all made a very nice design with the Alef. The JK and SK’s also made very nice designs with the Alef.

The Grade 3s began learning about the Jewish life cycle, first we are born then for boys have a Brit Milah (circumcision) and baby naming for girls and both boys and girls receive Hebrew names at this time. Then we grow into teenagers and have a Bar or a Bat Mitzvah and become adults according to Judaism. Then we grow up into adults and get married and lastly the end of life. We will continue to learn about the life cycle next week.

We also learned the story of Jacob and Esau and had a fun play that the students acting out. In the story of Jacob and Esau we learn that Jacob took Esau’s birthright because Esau gave it away. The moral of this story is to be careful with the choices we make.

We had the pleasure of Rabbi Helfman join us at school this week. We did some prayers with the Rabbi and learned about Abraham and how he was a person who if he saw someone was in trouble he always went to lend a helping hand.

Next week, we will continue with the curriculum and the JK, SK, and Grade 1s will continue to learn the Alef-Bet. Then next letter will be Bet and the Hebrew word is Bayit (house). The Grade 3s will continue to learn about the life cycle.


Daniella Lebow

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