In Grade 4

Dear Grade 4 Parents,

It was great to see your children again. We welcomed some new students to our class and shared highlights of the week. As a part of our services each week, we pair up with younger students. We will pair with the JK and SK students for the service. It’s so beautiful to see the Grade 4s as role models for the younger students. Our students are doing a great job following in the siddur. What a pleasure to see.

After the service we prepared challah for Rosh Hashana. Our students learned/practiced their braiding techniques. We spoke about making the challah in a circular shape, as we hope for a full complete year ahead. In case you haven’t yet baked the challah, please follow these instructions.

1- Take the lid off 1 hour before baking.

2- Add any topping you may wish, sugar (with or without cinnamon), sesame or poppy seeds, etc.

3- Brush the yolk of the egg over the challah.

4- Bake 350 until is brown and crispy (about 15-20 minutes) and enjoy!

During our Hebrew lesson, we reviewed the homework, and then started the first unit of our Grade 4 Hebrew book.

BARCHU: Each week the students take home a single line to practice reading.  My experience is that the students that practice at home do better than those that don’t. We ask our parents to partner with us in this endeavor.  We need to work together. I would appreciate that you ensure that your child practices the Hebrew reading at home during the week.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish to all of you Shana Tova!



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