In Grade 5

Dear Parents.

Welcome to Kita Hei – grade five!  I’m Tali Weiss and I was very happy to meet your children and get to know them a little.

I hope that you and your family had a relaxing and enjoyable summer. Now that summer has quickly turned into fall, I look forward to sharing a year filled with positive and rewarding experiences with your children.

We are going to be very busy this year learning about the different holidays and their unique customs as they will appear in the Jewish calendar.  We started  with Rosh Hashanah.  We will be learning about some of the prophets and the problems that they were facing and will suggest ways to correct the injustices and compare them to today’s problems.

With the help of our new Shinshinim from Israel, we will learn about Israel. The students will gain a meaningful understanding of modern Israeli culture, Israel’s origins, historical and religious significance to the Jewish people and some internal and external challenges facing the Jewish state.

In Hebrew class we will be using a book called “The New Hebrew through prayer” that will teach us some prayers and modern Hebrew.

Please ensure that your child comes prepared for class with a binder, as we will have material that we will work on for more than one lesson.


Tali Weiss


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