In Grade 4

Dear Parents: 

We had a great day and It was a blessing to meet such a great group of kids and families.

After introducing ourselves we had a wonderful service with David Gershon and Rabbi Helfman. It was a pleasure to see my grade 4 taking acting as role model for the JK and SK kids. Each one of grade 4 students had an SK or JK child that they helped to understand the service.

We spoke about Elul, the month before Rosh Ha Shana, the importance of committing ourselves to do better, to do TSHUVA before the Highs Holidays.  We discussed the Lunar Year and how we Jewish count the months.

During Hebrew class we review the vowels and some letters.

The absolutes best way way to improve reading is practicing. Each week I will give send home one sentence to practice.. Please ensure that your child is reading at home.

Your feedback is always appreciated.

 Best regards




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