Hello JK/SK parents!

Day one was wonderful! The children arrived and completed a puzzle filled with symbolic Jewish pictures. We introduced ourselves using the Hebrew phrase ״שלום אני״, “Shalom anee ____” (hello, I am_____). The Grade 4 class came to visit and we were paired into our buddies. We went with them to tefilah where we sang songs and heard a story about prayers.

We spent time talking about Rosh Hashana, the birthday of the world. We learned about the special things we do on Rosh Hashana, including tasting apples and honey, eating round sweet challah and hearing the shofar. We read the book “The World’s Birthday” by Barbara Diamond Goldin, which had fantastic pictures and told the story about Daniel making a Birthday party for the world. It was really sweet! The children loved it!

It was a pleasure getting to know your children. For next week, please note that the hooks have been set up with your child’s name. The hooks designated for our class are the ones surrounding the office doors, just down the hallway from our class. As well, please remember to send a healthy snack and a water bottle for your child.

Special thanks to Rivka and Zoey for their amazing help!

Looking forward to next week,


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