In Grade 1

Dear Parents:

This week we took time to get to know each other and learn everyone’s name in the class. We also made our Grade 1 Rules that we will use all year and the best part of this was that the students came up with them all and we all signed it. We spoke briefly about Rosh Hashanah and what we do, a lot of the students said, ” eat apples and honey”.

We leaned that Rosh Hashanah is the New Year and that we listen to the Shofar and that helps to remind us that this is a new year. To our surprise we actually did eat apples and honey and said the blessing over the apples. The students also made a Rosh Hashanah card.

 Next week we will begin learning about the Alef-Bet, which is the booklet I handed out. If you could please follow along with us while we learn the Alef-Bet that would be great! Each week we talk about a mitzvah that we have done and I ask if you could please bring Tzedakah I would really appreciate it. We will continue to learn about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Just a reminder to please bring a nut free snack each week.


 Daniella Lebow


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